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In an attempt to automate the whole process we discourage phone calls. We are also experiencing unusually high traffic on our lines, therefore the preferred mode of communication is email.

Dubai Visa Payment

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We prefer you to pay by Electronic funds transfer (EFT). Which is electronically transferring the funds from your account to our current bank account.


BANK: Standard Bank Ltd - South Africa
ACCOUNT NAME: BFL Business Forms (Pty) Ltd
ACC NUMBER: 2703 12781
REF: Your Name & Surname

Please note:

  • We only start the visa application process once the money is reflected in our account.
  • If you bank with standard bank the transfer will reflect immediately. If you bank with another bank it could take up to two days to reflect in our account. Therefore, we recommend that you do an instant transfer so that it reflects immediately.
  • Making the payment alone is not sufficient, you need to email us the proof of payment as well.


You may also pay cash into the above mentioned bank account if you so wish, however, for cash deposits you need to add another 5% to cover bank charges. The cash deposit slip also needs to be scanned and emailed to us.


You also have the option to pay by Visa or Master credit cards. American Express and Diners cards are not accepted.

Since Dubai immigration collects the full fee for the visa, if you decide to pay by credit card, there will be an additional charge of R200 per visa for the payment gateway.

You need to add this to your total amount.

Once you have calculated the total amount per visa, add the R200 to it, and insert this new total in the price field below. Irrespective of what amount appears in it now, you must change it to your amount per visa. Also, ensure that the quantity is correct.

Click on "PAY NOW" and it will take you to a secure payment gateway. Follow the instructions.

Once successful, both you and our company will receive a notification.

After making the payment do not forget to email us the passport scan and proof of payment.

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