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In an attempt to automate the whole process we discourage phone calls. We are also experiencing unusually high traffic on our lines, therefore the preferred mode of communication is email.

How it Works

simple and easy

This is a no frills email visa service

You simply complete the online form on this website and make the payment.

Now email us the passport scan (bio-page only), the photo and the proof of payment.

Once all the documents have been checked we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt so that you know your application has been received and the application is in process.

This happens during business hours and depending on the volume it may take from 3hrs up to 9 business hours before you receive the acknowledgement. There is no need to phone unnecessarily, just follow the process.

The moment the visa is approved and issued by Dubai Immigration, we will email it to you. All communications take place via email.

We only process tourist visas and are unable to process any work permits. The tourist visas we issue are single entry visas, eligible for vacations, attending business meetings, workshops and training, but you may NOT take up employment whether gainful or not. The visas are valid for a maximum stay of 14 days only. Visas for longer periods can also be applied for as well as multiple entry visas. This needs to be requested specifically, as the prices are different.

This is the easiest & simplest way to get a Dubai visa fast


This service is primarily meant for South African passengers but we are able to assist foreign passport holders as well. There is a R250 extra charge for foreign passport holders. Depending on whether you need a normal or urgent visa, just add R250 to the South African price.

In general, when you email your passport scan and proof of payment, then in the subject line of the email enter:

We use this to match it up with the online application form.

If you are applying for more than one person - then complete the application in the main person's name and enter the other passenger's names and passport numbers at the bottom of the form, where it asks: Who else are you applying for?

There is no need to complete additional forms for the other passengers.


A visa is not purchased, it is applied for. The government of Dubai, after due consideration will decide whether to approve or decline the application. The processing days is therefore merely an indication of the average days it takes to process a visa. Sometimes it takes lesser days and sometimes more.

There are only four common business days between South Africa and the UAE and those are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday. On a Thursday 14h30 Dubai immigration closes for their week-end and the next common business day is Monday.

Documents and payment must reach us before 12 noon on Application day, otherwise the next day becomes the Application day.

This assumes that your payment reflects in our account immediately. If not, then the application will only get processed once the payment is reflected and the counting of the days takes place from there on.

We always recommend "urgent" or "Emergency", but sometimes there is sufficient time to submit a normal application as well.

Remember, these are only indications and the UAE immigration has the final say. The actual visa can be issued earlier or later.

  • All applications are subject to our terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the UAE immigration. These may be amended without prior notice. Please read them.
  • Prices are subject to the Rand /Dollar exchange rate and may also be changed.
  • Once a visa has been applied for, it cannot be withdrawn and neither can it be cancelled.
  • There are no refunds.
  • Please do not send your documents in piecemeal send it all at once.
  • We reserve the right to decide whether an application should be processed as normal, urgent or Emergency.
  • When you scan the passport page, we only need the Bio page and not the whole passport.


Online Dubai Visa Application

fast & secure

This is the easiest & simplest way to get a Dubai visa fast

Some of the Benefits
  • Fly any airline
  • No letter of invitation required
  • No bank letter or bank statements required
  • No blocking of credit card facilities for security deposits
  • Stay in a hotel or with friends
  • Pay by EFT, cash, Master or Visa card
  • No standing in queues, everything happens by email
  • We supply other visa providers, corporate companies and individual travelers
  • We have a team of qualified specialists to ensure visas get approved 99% of the time